1. United Parcel Service Ground Service For less than 10 bags of coffee to a destination in the United States, this is generally the least costly and the fastest shipping method. No shipping pallets are required and UPS ships by air daily from Kona to the UPS facility in California and from there to most all destinations in the United States. Shipping times depend upon the destination but generally 4 to 7 days.

2. Surface Transit Truck Kona star has arranged attractive rates for surface transport by truck to USA destinations. All surface transit involves the transport by Ocean Barge from Kona to Honolulu and from Honolulu by ocean vessel to California and from there to the destination. This is generally less expensive than United Parcel Service for more than 10 bags of coffee but the shipping time is longer, generally 21 to 30 days.

3. Ocean Shipments to destinations other than the united states are generally by Ocean Freight. However, UPS service is also available most all Non-USA destinations.

Terms and Conditions
Prices are generally changed each year effective October 1 of that year and are effective until September 31 of the following year. We reserve the right to change our prices at other times if required. We will not change prices of any orders received.

Payment Terms:
United States and Canada Net 30 on approved credit. Net 30 is the period from the date of invoice to the date received by Kona Star.

International LC Terms (Approved irrevocable Letter of Credit) or TT (Telegraphic / Bank Transfer)